Extended imagery is similar to what a poet might do when combining paragraphs, or a film maker does when splicing film into a montage. Recently though, I have devoted my energies to investigating both the grid and linear multiple presentations.
The camera documents better than any device the detail and surface of objects, places, and ideas, but sometimes the involvement with an idea goes on to look at multiple facets; consider what cubist painters accomplished early in the 20th century. Sometimes extended viewing of a visual idea would reveal not only the idea but additionally time, light, color, and comparison would change during the extended time spent looking. This is what has become compelling to me.
When presenting multiple images on a single piece of paper or arrange multiple framed prints on a wall in a grid or linear presentation the viewer is given a bunch of picture ideas with be involved with just as I had when I made the pictures. With a multiple image pictures a narrative, time study or comparison creates a visual experience larger than the sum of individual parts.

The photographs are printed 24"x30" on Crane Museo Silver Rag using Epson UltraChrome ink, by the artist, in an edition of fifteen with 2 artist proofs.
UK Hedge
30x40 in.
Yuma Rocks
24x30 in.
PDC Topology
30x30 in.
Florence Faces
Good Oysters
24x30 in.
White Xmas
24x32 in.
Flies over Niagara
24x30 in.
Indian Village
24x30 in.
Old Growth Sprawl
24x32 in.
Luxus Fence
3 minutes, 6/26/09
Mac Store-NYC
Mac Music
Mac Light
Mac Tri

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