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CPW Workshop 9/20-21

I am doing a landscape workshop in Woodstock, NY; Finding the Social Landscape in and around Woodstock, September 20-21, CPW is a perfect base and Woodstock is that perfect setting.

The Woodstock area is full of both natural and man-made wonders. From the Hudson River to the Catskill Mountains, from wildlife to industry and from the local residents to the visiting tourists; this workshop will investigate how the natural landscape and the social landscape collide to offer up grand photographic possibilities.

Walking in the footprints of some of history’s greatest artists, we will investigate our surrounding area and all the wonders that encompass it.. This workshop will encourage you to find a personal way of seeing and interpreting a multi-layered environment. We will seek out the social landscape that surrounds us and begin to create stories and observations about it. Students will share their individual opinions about what photographing the landscape means within their work. There will be lectures, critiques and shooting trips in the surrounding area and beyond in search of the photographic holy grail. This is a workshop for fine art photographers, professional photographers and experienced amateurs who want to explore the photographic possibilities that are justoutside the door.

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