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D3 and Me

I am test driving a D3 for a couple of weeks and will post some reactions and images as they show up.  First reaction though was surprise at the size of the camera, particularly with the 24-70 lens on it.  Overall it was about 50% larger than my SWC.  The camera has a very high KPD factor (Knobs per Dollar) requiring 45 minutes to tweak the camera into submission before making the first exposure.  Why are there so many buttons?  I shot this past week with my SWC and with only one button still was able to make pictures.  Go figure.

After shooting for two weeks and before I worked with a file; some comments.  The D3 is still big.  And heavy.  I made it a bit smaller by using a Zeiss 25/2.8 Distagon.  I decided I do not need autofocus but aperture prioity is a good thing.  Te D3 is simply too much camera for the way I work.  Having said that and hearing that Nikon has announced a D700 which is a bit smaller, same sensor and having some fewer bells and whistles and  $2000 less this may be getting closer to the answer.

I shot 6GB with the D3 and found it to be reiable and easy to use once you were ready to use it.  There are still about 50 menues I haven’t touched and won’t.  Why don’t camera manufacturers get it?

I’ll add to this as things develop.  Pun intended.

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