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Decade VI or LX+

Roman numerals (while difficult to figure out) lend a certain ageless quality.

So I turned 60 on 8/2/08 and I have been entertained by comments and suggestions.  The best being “time to fill your pockets with rocks and walk into the bay.”  Though I am not ready it is a marvelous suggestion.  On 8/2 we saw and listened to Dave Brubeck play with his group and listened to an interview with him and Paquito D’Rivera and I felt rather like a teenager considering he is 87 and managing a pretty full concert schedule.  Oh my.  Last summer he played at Newport Jazz Festival and was terrific.

Starry Night

Yale has in addition to the afore mentioned Abe Morell show a small but worthy show of two pictures by Van Gogh:  Starry Night and Cypresses.   it is a solid art experience to have a timed viewing slot to view two paintings in a yellow room perhaps 15 ft. square with 8 other intimate (new) friends.  Who has time to feel 60?

more soon.

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