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Fall at CEPA and VSW

I have been awarded an Artist in Residence position this fall by CEPA in Buffalo, NY.  I will have a month to photograph the corridor between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. The area is full of the stuff I love to look at: tourists, industrial waste land, industry and the power grid, kitch and Niagara Falls.  I figure if I simply work my way from Buffalo to Niagara Falls every day on either Niagara Falls Blvd (rte 62) or Military Avenue I can’t miss. There is enough material to share.  On top of the AIR gig I will have available the Leaf 75S Aptus digital back for my SWC.  How could things get better?  Read on.

Concurrent with the AIR gig, I will be Visiting Artist at VSW covering the 1st year photography line and critic with 2nd year students.  It promises to be an interesting 15 weeks.  The students at VSW are square pegs trying to fit (or not) into round holes.  There is a locus of energy and creativity that is palpable that I have known since I was a workshop student there in 1972.  I return willingly and enjoy my time thouroughly.  I love it.

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