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For the past two months I had the opportunity to work with a Leaf Aptus 75S on my Hasselblad SWC/M, thus giving me (maybe) the best of both worlds. Working with a camera I am completely familiar with an extremely high quality digital back. While it did make the camera bigger, I chose to work with the hard drive as I wanted to work on a tripod and the encumbrance would be null, plus I was able to work all day without having to think about reloading. The file size and quality is pretty stunning but not having to scan and clean files is such blessing.

I expected to miss working with the square but the aspect ratio (48×36) was close to my Plaubel Makina W67, with that size sensor I was able to use most of what the Biogon 38 would provide. (Normal Hasselblad neg size is 55 wide). I thought I would work slower and more deliberately (as in view camera slower) but this was not the case. It produces a 190MB Tiff at 16 bits so going to 30×40 or larger is no problem.

I worked directly from the hard drive to the Mac and imported into Lightroom where I could work nondestructively with the MOS (Leaf RAW file). Here is the rub: it costs the same as a Saab, but I can use my SWC. I have shot several hundred files and will work on them over the summer.  Stay tuned.

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