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Jerry Leibling @ YUAG

Jerry Leibling has a grand show at Yale Art Gallery that went up last week, most of a collection Yale recently purchased, with pictures from 1947-2000, b&w and color. Leibling is a master of surface, body, spirit and life. I sure like his work, especially his most recent color stuff.

Butterfly Boy, Jerome Leibling, 1949

Photographs from the Doris Bry collection are also up at Yale. A fine historical collection of pictures from Atget to Winogrand and much in between. Amazingly, there were no pictures larger than 20×24, which meant there were lots of pictures to look at very closely. A Robert Frank picture of the highway not even 2×3 in., many in the 8×10 range, quite a change to what we are typically seeing today.

Albert Renger-Patzsch 1942

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