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Robert Frank at the Metropolitan

I was a tad reluctant to go to the Met Wednesday; haven’t we seen enough of The Americans already?  I had never seen its entirety as an exhibition with some rather large prints laid out as in the book through 5 or 6 rooms.  I have to say the sequence had never read as clearly nor as succinctly as it does that way.  The Americans is truly a book in my mind, but having known the work for 40 years it remains brilliant, ground-breaking, and formative for me and my photography.  There were always some pictures that were less resonant, particularly from the Montana timeframe, but yesterday I was completely satisfied.  Furthermore the art of sequencing photographs (which I have be long steeped in-thanks, Nathan-makes the meanings deeper and more satisfying.  I learned some stuff, yet again.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Mark Says:

    Cathy went and said the contact sheets were a wonderful learning experience.

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