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Oswald Gallery, Jackson, WY

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

In Jackson, WY at the Oswald Gallery, Cary Tijerina is holding forth and is showing a fine selection of work including Dylan Vitone, Kelli Connell, and Jon Stuart among others.  While not exactly known for first rate fine photography Jackson is blessed to have the Oswalds in residence there.  The gallery is large enough to have several galleries and devote a space to contemproary artists and a fine showing of collectable photographs as well.  Cary is a knowledgeable, engaging and articulate host.  When in Jackson and tired of the extraordinary landscape and weather, spend some time at Oswald Gallery.

Abe Morell: Again

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Behind the Seen: Photographs of Abe Morell

The second time I have seen and written about an Abe Morell exhibition in two months; this time at YUAG in New Haven.  There are about 40 pictures up including some of his very recent color work done in museums (as Doran Artist in Residence at YUAG) and camera obscura. The show is up through Aug 10.

The guy just continues to make first rate stuff.

Jerry Leibling @ YUAG

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Jerry Leibling has a grand show at Yale Art Gallery that went up last week, most of a collection Yale recently purchased, with pictures from 1947-2000, b&w and color. Leibling is a master of surface, body, spirit and life. I sure like his work, especially his most recent color stuff.

Butterfly Boy, Jerome Leibling, 1949

Photographs from the Doris Bry collection are also up at Yale. A fine historical collection of pictures from Atget to Winogrand and much in between. Amazingly, there were no pictures larger than 20×24, which meant there were lots of pictures to look at very closely. A Robert Frank picture of the highway not even 2×3 in., many in the 8×10 range, quite a change to what we are typically seeing today.

Albert Renger-Patzsch 1942

Three excellent shows in Boston

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Abe Morell has a wonderful new bunch of pictures up at Bernie Toale’s Gallery in SOWA. There are a half dozen color camera obscura pictures, three of which are just fine. A group of maybe 8 B&W Cliche Verres of the world. Five or six new pictures mad in museums, of juxtapositions of famous artworks juxtaposed with other elements. All three groups certify that Abe just keeps rolling along making strides (maybe leaps and bounds) forward, Solid work and a joy to see.

Frank Gohlke has two groups of pictures up at Gallery Kayafus just down the walk from Bernie’s gallery. He is one of the best landscape photographers working today. There is always something curious and beautiful about and in Frank’s pictures, standing in fornt of them invariably reveals more than simple surface or form.

The PRC has its annual member’s show juried by Leslie Martin, Publisher of Aperture. This is a show with ten or so photographers (out more than 300 submissions) and at the very least represents a survey of the state of the art today. The PRC continues to provide a beacon of insight and a feel for the pulse of where the medium is today.

MFA Photography Thesis show at Yale

Monday, May 19th, 2008

I had the chance to see the annual thesis show of Yale this weekend. Some good work, some interesting work, some neither. In year’s past all the work looked the same this year not so. There seems to be an effort to make curious, not attractive pictures though. In the Greene Gallery through 5/25/08.


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